How To Easily Remove Red Wine Stains Off Of Clothing

There is almost nothing as worse than dealing with stains. Being out of your house at the time of acquirement only makes it worse. If you are out with friends for the evening and find yourself the victim of a red wine stain, remember to stay calm. You can safely remove red wine stains with just a few easily accessed household cleaners almost anywhere.

The most crucial step in any stain removal is time. Whether you are at a party or restaurant, excuse yourself to go take care of the stain. Quickly blot the red wine stain with a damp cloth or napkin. Be sure not to rub the stain or you will only be helping it spread. Continue dabbing the area with your damp cloth until you’ve lifted as much of the stain as possible.

Nature’s gift to resourceful women everywhere, and the best defense for a clothing fighting off a stain, is vinegar. Plus, it can be obtained easily if you happen to be at a restaurant. After adding a generous amount to the stain, repeat the first steps. Again, to avoid spreading, only gently blot a stain. Dry with a cloth after the stain is lifted. The clothing can be washed in the laundry to get rid of vinegar’s potent smell.

There are other options if vinegar doesn’t happen to be available where you currently are. Most likely available at the function or party you are at is white wine, which happens to be a perfect neutralizer for red wine. Pour it on the stained area just as you would the unattainable vinegar and dab. Like magic the red wine will disappear. When you arrive back at home simply throw the garment into the washer.

Another thrifty method is to use a mixed concoction of bleach-less dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Dousing the clothing’s stained spot with the mixture and letting it pre-soak before attempting to machine wash it. This method will most likely take more than one soak and wash so be absolutely sure that the wine stain is gone before tossing the garment into the dryer.

Club soda and kosher salts are also tactical approaches to red wine stains. The club soda, used the same as the white wine and vinegar should soak the spot before blotting and the kosher salt, generously applied will soak up a stain on it’s own. If none of the above mentioned items are at your location then I, for one, would have serious doubts about the kind of party you are at.

Household cleaners paired with a little hard work have been used for generations as powerfully adequate stain treaters. Prior to overpriced laundry soap there was white wine and vinegar. Prior to dry cleaners there was softly dabbing and pre-soaking.

Remember to act quickly and remain calm when you get a stain. Decide what the best plan of action should be based off of your current location. Soaking the stain in either white wine, vinegar, club soda, or salt and remembering not to rub it in will ensure your ability to remove red wine stains in even the most stressful of environments.