What Tourists Eat and Drink In Dublin

Many people say that they go on holiday to Dublin not to take in all of its sights, but to experience the unique atmosphere of the city. There is no better way to sample this unique atmosphere than by visiting one of Dublin’s pubs or bars.

Dubliners are some what confused as to why people would want to trek round the typical tourist attractions in other Capital cities when you could spend a long leisurely afternoon sampling the world famous Irish bitter in a Dublin pub.

Every bar that you go into in Dublin is guaranteed to give you a warm welcome and most tourists join in with the locals in a boisterous round of singing and dancing. Dublin has a phenomenal number of bars and pubs tightly clustered together.

Dublin has also caught on with the times and there are now also a new generation of coffee houses for those people either not wanting to drink alcohol or those wanting to sober up from having one drink too many.

Dublin is a dynamic city, with a mix of cultures incorporating its rich heritage of Celtic myths and Georgian past mixed with the new trends and traditions of its vibrant youth.

Dublin is blessed by being in the path of the Gulf Stream and there are many a magnificent garden full of exotic plants. The best months are July to August when the average temperature is 19 -20 degrees. On the down side however is the amount of rain that Dublin receives and tourists should be prepared for sudden downpours.

Dublin has seen a massive growth in the number of holiday homes and cottages that are now available to rent direct from their owners. Many American tourists come over to Dublin to trace the routes of their ancestors. A large percentage of Americans now stay in holiday cottages which they find more comfortable and relaxing than staying in an impersonal hotel.

Many Americans go back home and enthuse about a traditional full Irish breakfast. They marvel at the thick tasty bacon, free range eggs and home made sausages. They may also try the wonderful black pudding, Irish potato cakes, tomato and toast. To help it go down they will drink black Irish coffee laced with a liberal helping of rum. No tourist ever forgets the mouth watering experience of their first full Irish breakfast.

Moving onto lunch time and they may sample a traditional Irish stew washed down by generous helpings of Irish stout. For Fish lovers Dublin Bay is world renowned for its magnificent prawns. For lovers of salmon, the fast flowing clean fresh water provides some of the finest salmon found any where in the world.

In the evening many tourists manage to find room to try a succulent Irish steak and then take a wee drop of the local Irish whisky. The Irish say that theirs is better than the Scotch whisky because it is distilled three times resulting in a smoother drink.

It is not difficult to see why Dublin is so popular amongst tourists for its food and drink. The two things that visitors complain of when getting home from Dublin is that they miss the food and also that they have put on weight!