Wine Racks – More Than Just Wine Storage

Those who enjoy the celebrated hobby and the collection of wine and are generally passionate about having a wonderful assortment of wines around them so that they can enjoy it at any time. Also, wine lovers find it a pleasure to be able to share their unique discoveries of wines and would like to have some additional quantity of bottles available to be able to share at their next meal or to serve dessert wines. An important aspect of maintaining a collection of quality wines is to make certain they are stored properly and safely with the assistance of the right wine racks.

Designed With a Purpose

A well made wine rack permits the wine to be stored in a proper way so that the bouquet wine mixture is preserved. Unfortunately, like all winemakers realize, wine can be quite fickle and changes may occur over time, particularly if it is subjected to oxygen. Having the bottles stored horizontally will ensure that the wine is in constant contact with the cork. This, in turn, will keep the cork moist as well as elastic and prevent it from becoming dried out.

When a wine cork becomes dry, it will shrivel and then become smaller. When this occurs, the seal of the bottle cracks and oxygen then enters the bottle, which finally destroys the taste of wine. It induces oxidation and and will turn superb wine into a mouth full of vinegar and that is not the way to impress guests that are at the table. It is this element which dictates that the wine racks need to be constructed to give the wine bottles the ability to be stored horizontally, keeping the cork moist as well as plump.

Additional Storage Considerations

In addition to being kept in a horizontal position, the wine must be put in a space that is both cooler in temperature as well as dark. It is also preferable that the cylinders are not subjected to strong odors or external vibrations. As with the majority of things, maintaining the freshness of wines helps maintain the taste, but make sure it is not too cold or open to the possible danger of becoming frozen. A cool, and stable temperature is the most ideal environment.

For the majority of people, a basement is the ideal solution to keep the wine in the best possible environment. Wine should be stored in the dark so that you will be eliminating the risk of chemical reactions that may be incurred by any exposure to light.

Nevertheless, because vibrations keep the wine from becoming settled and not allowed to mature properly, you must be sure your wine rack is not situated close to an area where machines are frequently used. It is best to avoid putting the wine rack in areas such as laundry rooms, mechanical rooms, garages, boiler rooms or any other type of place where vibrations have the ability to interact with the wine and allowed to age slowly and fully. Also, refrain from any room in your house which is subject to strong odors, as the cork has the tendency to absorb strong odors and could ultimately affect the taste as well.

There are numerous types of wine racks on the market that have the ability to be adapted to fit to all areas and to meet most any need. You can determine to have a wine cellar construction crew create a custom wine cellar for you or you can buy a stackable wine rack to hold a few bottles. There is no limit to the kinds of options that are available for storing wine.